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Spring Tone Up

Now is the time! Now is the time to tone up your body! Proper nutrition and resting periods lead to optimal performance. Proper nutrition makes you feel better, recover faster, and perform at higher levels. You wouldn’t dream of using regular gas in your Porsche when it requires premium octane for optimal performance. Optimal performance requires the right amounts and forms of nutrients and vitamins. Many of us have nutritional deficiencies or are taking medications that cause nutrient depletion which makes it harder to perform at your best. High-intensity activity depletes your body even more. If your exercise regimen is something you want to continue indefinitely, then you must address your nutrients and other factors such as a healthy immune system, blood sugar regulation, and hormone balance.

Maintaining a healthy immune system is not as hard as most people think. Exercising regularly, sleeping 7-9 hours every night, de-stressing daily, and taking adequate amounts of zinc, vitamin D3, vitamin C, and amino acids top the list for healthy immune function. Annie’s Apothecary staff handpicks the supplements you should take based on your needs and activities. If you are not getting adequate sleep or you can’t de-stress, you can achieve them through meditation, purposeful breathing, counseling, and targeted supplements.

Blood sugar regulation is often overlooked when trying to lose weight. Many people look at calorie and fat intake when trying to trim down. However, sugar is usually the biggest barrier to achieving goal weight and body composition. Stable blood sugar helps prevent cravings and signals your body to burn stored fat cells for energy. Cravings can wreak havoc on anyone’s personal goals. Start your day with protein shakes for breakfast instead of typical carbohydrate foods to maintain level blood sugar. XymoBolX and FitFood Lean protein powders can be mixed in plain water or added to your favorite blended shakes. They are also great for post-workout muscle recovery.

Leptin is a hormone made in adipose tissue (aka fat cells) that controls appetite and regulates energy. More fat cells mean higher leptin levels. High leptin levels cause leptin resistance (similar to insulin resistance). Leptin resistance causes the body to ignore leptin’s messages. These messages are important for telling you when to stop eating and telling your body when to release insulin. Leptin resistance makes it more difficult to lose weight. Leptin Manager supports your body’s receptiveness to leptin’s messages. Our bodies produce many other hormones that each play a role in our body composition. Thyroid, insulin, estrogen, testosterone, progesterone, cortisol, and even melatonin should also be balanced for optimal body composition.

Our bodies are very complex machines that require constant attention and fine-tuning, just like a Porsche. It’s ok to ask for help on your journey of achieving optimal health and wellness. Annie’s Apothecary can help you by offering private consultations, food inflammation testing, and practitioner-grade supplements. A spring tone-up will have you feeling and looking your best this summer.