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Annie’s Apothecary and its employees concentrate fully as being the best resource to achieve optimal health and wellness through the art of compounding, nutritional supplements, and patient education.

Knowledgeable, friendly and helpful staff. Excellent products -- they're concerned about your health and well-being!
Janelle L.
Pharmacist and all employees are always helpful and knowledgeable.
Kate P.
I've been using this pharmacy for the past year and they make me feel cared about unlike several other pharmacies I've been to. They help me contact my doctor's office when there have been issues with my doctor's office not remembering to send refills which is very helpful for someone like me that has severe chronic illness.
Megan N.
I came to Annie’s Apothecary as a last resort. I had been allergic to a common thyroid drug & had since tried many others but still had terrible side effects. We came to Annie’s hoping for them to compound a drug I would not be allergic too. After research Annie’s discovered the additive that was causing my reaction, with this information they were able to compound a drug I am able to take. Without the hard work & dedication from the pharmacists I would still be looking for answers, GREAT Pharmacists!
Aubrey H.
I have been a customer for the past 9 years and have been beyond satisfied. I came to seek treatment for hormone replacement therapy and have been very happy with the results and the excellent care I have received over the years. In addition, Annies has provided me with excellent supplements and excellent advise as well. The staff is awesome and knowledgeable.
Tina F.
I had a wonderful experience with Annie's and Chelsea. After years of waiting to take a food inflammation test, I finally did it and found out that most of what I was eating was causing digestive and other problems for me. Chelsea helped me eliminate those foods and recommended other testing and solutions that have helped me lose weight, gain energy and have less pain than I have had in years. I highly recommend Annie's!
Kelly S.
I love the fact that the staff actually cares about my concerns and stays in touch. I haven't had a bout of acid reflux since I came in!
Bob O.
After my cancer treatments I had to go and use compound thyroid and progesterone in Annie’s apothecary was highly recommended I met with her we talked for a little long long time and I have been a client of hers now for eight years very very knowledgeable her and her staff highly recommend
The attention to detail and personal touch received from the professionals of Annie’s Apothecary is the best around!!
I knew Annie when she first opened her business and have frequently been a client of hers. She offers excellent service and I have highly recommended her over the years and will continue to do so.
Valerie N.
neo 40 sale.png

February is American Heart Health month, to celebrate we are offering $10 off Neo40! Nitric Oxide supports overall cardiovascular health. Because Nitric Oxide relaxes and dilates arteries, it can help regulate blood pressure. This "miracle molecule" is intrinsically tied to our ability to function as we were intended. Neo40 may help promote:

♥ Artery dilation for healthy blood flow

♥ Healthy blood pressure levels

♥ Cardiovascular and heart health

♥ Increased circulation throughout the body

♥ Healthy arterial function

Sale ends 02/29/2020

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Fall Into Health Seminar Series

We hosted our Fall Into Health Seminar series for various disease states related to inflammation and autoimmune diseases. Each month we discussed different disease state including how it happens and how to apply an integrative treatment approach including gut restoration and low dose naltrexone (LDN). These seminars can now be viewed on our youtube channel or here:

Integrative Approach for Chronic Pain

Integrative Approach to Fibromyalgia

Integrative Approach for Hashimoto's

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