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"Spring Cleaning", not just for your home!

It’s safe to say most of us get the itch to start tidying once spring begins. The weather is changing and we aren’t feeling restricted by the extra layer of clothing or cuddled on the couch under a warm blanket. It’s true, joy can be found in cleaning out the garage or finally tackling that project you’ve been meaning to start, but what about your body? The same body you possibly vowed to get out and exercise at the start of the year. Yes, we recognize that maintaining an active lifestyle is important, but what about the other areas of your health? Let’s try a mental exercise; begin evaluating yourself. Really stop and think about every part of your body. Ask yourself “How is it doing?” and “Is it functioning how it should?” You can choose to write down your responses or just simply take a moment to think about them.

Here’s a few examples to get you started: How are my eyes? Am I having to squint to read this article? We’re so busy in our day to day lives that we may not notice that we’ve begun to squint slightly when reading. When straining your eyes, even just slightly for long periods of time, your bodies response may be a headache.

What about your lips? Are they cracked? Are you having to apply extra chap stick? That may not just be the winter weather, that may be your body telling you it needs water.

Our bodies are fantastic machines, designed to do remarkable things. Just like your car, you notice when the check engine light turns on- that’s your vehicles way of saying “Hey, something isn’t right.” Another vehicle analogy might be if you added gasoline to your truck that was designed to take diesel, your mechanic may be happy to see you for the business but not happy to see the state your truck is in. Are you beginning to see the pattern? Let’s take inventory of our bodies and what we’re really feeling or experiencing.

As well as taking stock in ourselves, lets peak inside our medicine cabinets. Are any of our supplements expired? Are you noticing their benefit?

What about your prescriptions?

These are all questions we would love to sit down with you and discuss. Our clinical pharmacists want to come along side of you in this “exercise” and help you evaluate what you may be missing.

We have recently opened the doors to Annie’s Consultation Corner! We offer many selections to customize to your needs so that we can customize the best solution for you.

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