Men's Health: Andropause

Have you ever seen the commercials that ask men if they have “low T,” “T” being testosterone? It says that symptoms of low testosterone may be a decrease in energy, muscle mass, sex drive or changes in mood. This is starting to sound like menopause for men, but the correct term would be andropause. As men age their level of testosterone naturally decreases, much like women’s hormones do during menopause. The big difference is that men’s hormones do not decrease as quickly as women’s so it may be more difficult to notice when symptoms appear. It becomes even more challenging to identify because aging men may suffer from certain health conditions or they may be taking prescription medications whose side effects mimic these exact symptoms. Testoplex Plus is a supplement by Xymogen that helps to balance testosterone levels so you can feel your best. We offer hormone testing and consultations that can provide you more guidance on your way to feeling like you again. Hormone replacement therapy (HRT) isn’t just for women; men may benefit from supplementing their hormones as well. There are compounding options that make it easy to get the right dose for you in the best dosage form to fit your lifestyle. Click here for more information on our hormone testing.

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