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FIT Test (Food Inflammation Test)

Annie’s Apothecary offers the FIT test (food inflammation test) which measures your sensitivity to 132 different foods, additives, and even candida. With just a simple finger stick you can get the results you need to get your gut feeling better. The test measures the severity of IgG and complement reactions which is your immune response to the various foods and additives. The test comes with a personalized seven day meal plan designed by a team of nutritionists based on your individual results. This helps give you some alternatives to things you may have to eliminate from your diet. You also get a free nutritional consultation with a clinical pharmacist to go over your results, other similar foods you may need to avoid, and supplementation to help heal your gut and get you back on track.

You’re encouraged to eliminate the offending foods for a minimum of 8 weeks and take a good quality probiotic like FloraBalance Max. This gives your gut time to heal. Next, is a slow reintroduction phase where you test your reaction to the offending foods to see if it’s something you may be able to eat once or twice a week, but not daily. By keeping a food and symptom journal you will be able to keep track of what foods are okay to consume and what foods aren’t. And you never know what’s hidden in your packaged food so make sure to read the ingredient labels on your food before you purchase them. Also keep in mind similar foods that may elicit the same symptoms like cantaloupe and honeydew melon. And last but not least try to eat a well-balanced diet and rotate the foods you eat so that a specific food is not eaten too frequently.

Every person is different so it’s better to test, don’t guess. You can call us at 830-981-4774 or visit our FIT page for more info.