Estrogen is a hormone that serves many functions in your body. It supports brain, heart and bone health. It also helps regulate temperature, mood, weight, and libido. Symptoms of too much estrogen may include weight gain, low sex drive, headaches, heavy periods, fatigue, and irritability. With an abundance of estrogen-like compounds in our environment, estrogen dominance is very common among women. These compounds are found in plastics, fertilizers, pesticides, and food and are often referred to as xenoestrogens. Estrogen deficiency is less common but can occur during menopause. Symptoms of not enough estrogen may include joint pain, elevated blood pressure, vaginal dryness, trouble with memory, and an increase in facial hair. By balancing your hormones, many of these symptoms will often disappear. This balancing act can be achieved through hormone replacement therapy with compounded medication that is identical to the hormones your body naturally makes.