Does Your Pet Have Allergies?

In the midst of allergy season we’ve treated ourselves for the watery, itchy eyes, and sneezing but have we stopped to see that our pets may be suffering too?

Animals may also suffer from allergies..

Signs That Your Pet May Have Allergies:

Pet Allergies--What-you-need-to-know.jpg

• Excessive scratching

• Rubbing their face or body against furniture or carpet

• Red and inflamed skin or paws

• Scratching or rubbing their ears with paws

• Bald spots in their fur

• Chewing on feet/pads

Caring For Pets With Allergies


Preventing exposure to allergens is key to managing your cat or dog’s allergies. Prescribed antihistamines or corticosteroids often help control symptoms, while specially formulated shampoos or other topical therapies minimize itchiness and reduce excessive scratching.

• Bathe your pets often.

• Keep their bedding clean and allergen free.

• Talk to your veterinarian about holding off on unnecessary vaccinations until your pet is feeling better so their immune system isn’t having to work so hard.

• If symptoms last year-round, you may need to look at their diet. Pets typically need a diet low in grains and carbohydrates, but you can talk to your veterinarian about anti-inflammatory diets for your pet. They are bound to contain some form of Omega-3 oil to help reduce inflammation.

Products That May Help

Koda by Keys is a line of natural products designed for dogs. These chemical free products are perfect for your dog’s special needs. There are no sulfates, glycols, parabens, phosphates or any of the famous “Dirty 30” chemicals in these products. Koda products follow the guidelines of the Environmental Working Group human safety ingredient guidelines, FDA pharmaceutical guidelines and those of the USDA.



OmniShield is a natural insect repellent and may help with itching, scrapes, and hot spots. You can spray this on your dog and rub it in before going outside or as needed for other ailments.



OmniClean shampoo to help wash off the irritating allergens. These products are made with your pets’ sensitivities in mind and are a great alternative to other pet care products that may contain irritating chemicals which could worsen your pets’ problem.

Pets are part of our family so don’t let them suffer. You can help support them through the allergy season too. If you have questions about the products listed above or other ways to support your pet please contact us at 830-981-4774